As an organization, Bowater Projects has measured and reduced its carbon footprint systematically for the past five years working with the Carbon Trust.

All products supplied, whether PVC-U timber or aluminum, have supporting documentation relating to their environmental performance (e.g. timber certification etc.) This is in line with the organization’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

On site, Bowater Projects implements a waste management programme to optimise the potential for recycling. The company also operates to ISO 18001 Health & Safety Procedures.

Wherever possible, training, skills development, and local employment opportunities are created, especially with major programmes, and Bowater Projects has developed close relationships with community organizations such as Remploy. The company is also an accredited ”investor in People”

Our Single Source Solution….

The higher the number of parties in the supply chain, the higher the risk of all the problems above. Here at Bowater projects, our approach is to give you a single source solution in which you can have total confidence.

As a result we will help to cut lead times and deliver cost effective programmes. All of which means happier residents and more satisfied clients.

To discover more on how Bowater Projects can help you deliver the sustainable communities agenda and to explore how the services we offer can produce real results, please contact us.